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2017 Honoree

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Mohamed Omar

Mohamed Omar

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

Harvey Mudd College

Mohamed Omar lives in Los Angeles, California but was raised in Toronto, Canada. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, a son of an Egyptian mother and Ethiopian father. In middle school several teachers exposed him to mathematics competitions and it is through those experiences that he fell in love with mathematics. He is now a assistant professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College with an outstanding research record, and a passion for teaching. He is excited about his contributions to mathematical enrichment, including serving on national mathematics competition committees in Canada and the US, his work with the Canada/USA Mathcamp, and his involvement with BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics). He is also especially proud of his dedication and commitment to the lives of close family and friends. He urges everyone, especially young mathematicians, to dream well outside of what they think is possible, and to truly challenge the ensuing doubt.